Policies + Shipping + Returns

All garments are made-to-order or custom-designed commissions, therefore, all sales are final. All services performed will be subject to a fee. Made-to-order garments that are chosen from a specific style that we offer are created in standard sizes to accommodate the client's measurements and may require alterations. Alterations are not included but can be performed in our studio at an additional cost. Custom-designed garments are constructed based on a sketch or concept, and two fittings are included. There will be a minimum fee of $75-$100 for each additional fitting after the first two for any changes that the client would like to make. There is no maintenance program with custom garments. Any changes or repairs needed after the garment is finished will incur an additional fee for services performed. Adjustments due to fluctuations in client’s weight will incur additional fees. Fittings are done with the client one-on-one; clients who require a third party to assist with decisions will be subject to an additional consultation fee per fitting. Custom design is an exclusive service that is not for everyone. We reserve the right to refuse these services to people who may prove difficult to accommodate. If circumstances arise that require the project to be stopped by the client, the client remains responsible for all fees and labor. All garments and fees for services performed must be paid in full before items are taken by the client. For online sales go, we provide a tracking number to each client whether the sale happens on our website, Instagram, Facebook, or Square; it is the client’s responsibility to record that information once provided. We do not maintain a database of all shipping receipts. If a problem arises that you did not receive an item or your package was lost, contact the shipper (USPS, FedEx or UPS) for resolution. Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions regarding this information, please fill out our form under the contact page.